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1 September 2017

Dr Aneesah Shaukat and Dr Robert Bosley Start Working..

As Dr Youssef Selim and Dr Sophie Carter complete their Dental Foundation contract, they pass their list to our new dentists who both graduated from Sheffield University.


1 April 2017

NHS Minor Oral Surgery Contract

Glumangate Dental Practice is awarded an NHS Oral Surgery contract. Dr Hannah Nassé, Specialist in Oral Surgery, begins working at Glumangate Dental Practice and we now accept referrals from local dental practices to carry out minor oral surgery treatment, which would normally be carried out in hospital. This includes treatment such as removal of impacted wisdom teeth, or surgical removal of broken down or complex teeth, as well as oral surgery under IV sedation.


1 September 2016

Additional NHS Foundation Contract

Glumangate  Dental Practice is aware an additional NHS Foundation contract and we therefore have the capacity to commission a fourth dental surgery at our practice and accept new NHS patients for a limited period.

Dr Youssef Selim and Dr Sophie Carter start working at the practice and take over Dr Emily Warren-Stone's list who has completed her Dental Foundation contract.


19 May 2016

The Derbyshire Times Newspaper Article

The Derbyshire Times publishes a newspaper article about the our latest investment, the Cone Beam CT Scanner. It explains the advantages of this technology and the referral service available to local dentists.

Click here to read the article.


12 February 2016

Cone Beam CT Scanner Installed

Glumangate Dental Practice becomes the first practice in Chesterfield to make this big investment and offer this latest technology in x-ray imaging. A Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Scanner takes 3D images of the teeth and jaws. These can be viewed, rotated and manipulated on a computer, and therefore provide a much more detailed and comprehensive view when compared to traditional x-ray images which are only 2-dimensional.

Glumangate Dental Practice also now offers a referral service for dental practices in the region to send their patients to have these scans done.


26 January 2016

Mrs Vicki Street, Dental Nurse, Passes her Impression-Taking Qualification

Vicki has spent several months undertaking the impression-taking course, which involved both practical and theoretical assessment. She passed first time and can now use this qualification to provide our patients with an additional service and convenience.


1 September 2015

Dr Emily Warren-Stone Takes over Dr Gareth Doody's List

Dr Doody has completed his Dental Foundation contract and Dr Warren-Stone takes over his list. Emily was born and bread in Chesterfield and is happy to be back after completing her degree at the University of Newcastle.


19 August 2015

Miss Laura Williamson, Dental Nurse, Passes her Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing 

Laura has been undertaking the 2-year diploma course at Derby College, as well as undergoing training at our practice. She has passed her course and completed her training and has now qualified as a dental nurse and obtained her registration with the General Dental Council.


2 February 2015

Second Phase of Refurbishment Complete

The practice has commissioned a two-room decontamination unit with the highest standards of cross infection control. This has solid surface worktops including seamless sinks with no joins where any bacteria can hide, a separate cleaning and decontaminating area, and positive ventilation pressure to ensure adequate air quality.


10 November 2014

Text Message Reminders Introduced

In addition to email reminders, we have also now introduced text message reminders to remind patients of their appointment times. It is a great and effective way to ensure that patients do not miss their appointments.


6 October 2014

Email Appointment Reminders Introduced

We have started sending out emails to our patients to remind them of their appointment times, and also when they are due to attend for their check-ups. We have a fully responsive email system so patients an contact us at any time and we will respond to their query in due course.

The email address is


1 September 2014

Dr Gareth Doody Joins the Team

Gareth joins the team at Glumangate and takes over Michael's list to continue to provide our patients with exceptional care and appointment availability.


31 July 2014

Dr Michael Goodman Completes his Dental Foundation Year

After spending a year with us at Glumangate Michael has completed his Dental Foundation contract. He has been a very valuable member of the team and has provided his patients with excellent care. He will be thoroughly missed and we wish him the best of luck in his future career.


1 December 2013

Digital X-ray System Installed at the Practice

Our latest investment in the practice in the installation of state-of-art digital x-ray system which means x-rays are developed much quicker. The images can be manipulated digitally which helps the dentist make more accurate diagnoses using them.


5 November 2013

Dr Victoria Boyne Joins the Practice

Dr Boyne graduated from Newcastle University in 2002 and has significant experience in all aspects of general dentistry.

With Dr Boyne joining the team, we have been able to increase our opening hours and have more appointments available to our patients.


18 September 2013

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day

Glumangate Dental Practice takes part in the national Mouth Cancer Awareness Day, offering members of the public a free mouth cancer screening appointment.

Mouth cancer is diagnosed in nearly 8000 people every year in the UK, and it can be deadly if not detected early. Our dentists carry out a mouth cancer screening for all our registered patients at every dental check-up appointment.


21 August 2013

Charlotte Lange, Hygienist, Joins the Team

Charlotte graduated from the University of Sheffield School of Dental Hygiene and Therapy. She is very experienced in providing oral hygiene treatment for patients and oral health information to help patients improve their own oral hygiene techniques. She will work closely with Professor Griffiths to provide a comprehensive care plan for patients with gum disease.


5 August 2013

Dr Michael Goodman Joins the Practice

Dr Goodman is a Sheffield University Graduate and is enthusiastic about providing exceptional dental care to our patients. As the practice expands, Dr Goodman will increase availability of appointments for our patients and improve access.


5 July 2013

Professor Griffiths, Specialist in Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease), Accepts Referrals at Glumangate Dental Practice

We are delighted to welcome Professor Gareth Griffiths to Chesterfield. Professor and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Gareth is on the General Dental Council Specialist Register in Periodontics.

Gareth is passionate about periodontology and the important role it plays in the oral and general health of patients. He is committed to providing high quality treatment, as well as advice regarding patients’ conditions and how to improve their own oral health.

Click here for more information


1 April 2013

Second Phase of Refurbishment Starts

With a determination to continually improve the facilities at the practice, a second phase of refurbishment starts. We are installing a two-room decontamination unit. This will bring the practice up to the highest standards of cross infection control and very much exceed the standard requirements of the Department of Heath.


5 July 2012

Open Evening - an open invitation to patients and members of the public to meet us and see our newly refurbished facilities

The open evening was a big success with many people attending to meet the staff, discuss their treatment needs and ask questions about dental treatment. Visitors enjoyed the buffet and drinks and were provided with dental goodie bags to take as a gift.

We would like to thank everyone who attended for their positive comments and for making this event such a success.

We would also like to thank the Derbyshire Times for publishing the article about the open evening.

Click here for more information.


12 March 2012

First phase of refurbishment complete - new premises on the ground floor.

After nearly a year of work, the ground floor of the practice has been transformed; two new surgeries have been installed with the highest quality and to the best standards of cross infection control and patient safety, as well as a new reception and a disabled toilet with baby-changing facility.

In response to an overwhelming vote by patients in the questionnaire sent in April 2011, the new premises has been completed, allowing disabled access to the practice and finally relieving patients of the need to walk up the steep stairs to the old part of the practice.

Now that the move to the ground floor has been completed, plans are being finalised for the second phase of the refurbishment, which is to install a new two-room decontamination unit on the first floor (where reception used to be), which will bring the practice up to the highest standards of cross infection control, and exceed the Department of Health's requirements.


8 March 2012

Care Quality Commission Carries Out Routine Inspection

The Care Quality Commission carried out a routine inspection at the practice and concluded that the practice is compliant with the essential standards of quality and safety, and commented that “people using the service experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs”. The full report is published on CQC’s website (click here to view)


18 November 2011

Dr David Peltz joins Glumangate Dental Practice.

Dr Peltz has a long history of working in Chesterfield, and after an absence of a few years while pursuing further dental education, he now has an opportunity to return to Chesterfield and provide his patients with dental care in a convenient location.


1 November 2011

Work starts on moving the practice to the ground floor, installing two new surgeries and a central sterilisation room.

Some structural work is required to change the layout of the ground floor to make space for the new reception and waiting room, as well as new surgeries. The practice will remain open throughout the works, and while there will be some disrupting noise, we are hoping to complete the work as soon as possible.

Once the work is complete, the practice will have disabled access, and will not just meet the gold standards set by the Department of Health, but will exceed them.


19 September 2011

Grand opening of new surgery at the practice. The new surgery is equipped with the latest dental technology ensuring patients are treated in the most comfortable and efficient environment with the best standards of cross infection control.


1 May 2011

Dr Rena Dajani, Rami's sister, joins the practice.

Rena works at the practice part-time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


1 April 2011

Glumangate Dental Practice is taken over by Dr Rami Khatib.

Mr Hopkinson retires after years of providing his patients with the best dental care possible.

Dr Khatib reassures patients that the practice will continue to provide dental care under the NHS, and has ambitious plans to renovate and expand the practice.