Fixed Access Scheme Fees

A revolutionary concept;
Access to dental treatment at a fixed predictable price

  • Access to affordable dental care
  • Fixed predictable prices for routine treatments
  • No membership fees
  • No surprises; detailed personal quotation after check-up


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Full Dental Examination A detailed check-up of the teeth and
gums, including oral cancer screening,
x-rays and a scale & polish if clinically necessary
(not for staining removal)
First check-up for new patients; as above £37.00
Filling White filling on front teeth
(incisors and canines)
Silver filling on back teeth
(premolars and molars)
Extraction Routine extraction £70.00
  Surgical extraction of a severely broken
down or impacted tooth
Hygiene Treatment XtraClean – for staining removal £54.00
Detailed scaling/cleaning in cases where there is inflammation in the gums £54.00
  Root Surface Debridement;
Very detailed cleaning undertaken over two appointments with local anaesthetic
Root Canal Treatment Front teeth (incisors and canines) £180.00
Back teeth (premolars and molars) £220.00
Crown White (porcelain fused to metal)
or Gold crown
To­­oth Whitening Home kit including custom-made whitening trays for top and bottom teeth­ £249.00
All other treatments not included on the above fixed price list will be quoted in detail after the check-up appointment.