Endodontic Referrals

Dr Joby Sikes-Sheard

Joby graduated from Newcastle University in 2015 with Honours, distinctions in clinical and academic dentistry, and the BDA prize for best overall performance in finals.

He soon developed a keen interest in endodontics and attended a number of courses to develop his skills in this area.

Joby has completed his Masters of Science in Endodontology with Distinction from the University of Chester in 2021.

He takes pride in both his clinical and academic work and has been enjoying carrying out complex endodontics.


CBCT Scanner

We have recently upgraded our CBCT scanner to the CS8100 which can provide twice the resolution at 75 microns. Patients are not charged for CBCTs if needed as part of their endodontic treatment.



We have invested in a Flexion Advanced microscope with built-in camera.


Referral Service

Your patients will be seen for the treatment they have been referred for, and will be returned to your care for their on-going dental care and maintenance.

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Refer for Endodontic Treatment

  • Non-Surgical Endodontics
  • Re-Endodontic Treatment
  • Apicectomies
  • Trauma Cases
  • Resorption Cases

Fees Guide

Consultation - £49

Root Canal Treatment
Incisor/Canine - £465
Premolar - £495
Molar - £645

Re-Root Canal Treatment
Incisor/Canine - £595
Premolar - £625
Molar - £725

Apicectomies (1-5 only) - £400

CBCT as part of endodontics treatment – Free of charge