Verifiable CPD for Cone Beam CT Referral

The applications for Cone Beam CT imagery in dentistry are well documented.

We want our referrers to be able to make the most of the scans undertaken, and wish to have a close working relationship in order to tailor the service to their needs.

The viewing software allows significant image manipulation. Measurements can be taken in any dimensions, virtual implants can be placed and nerves can be traced. This is very simple to do once shown how to do it. We can also do this on the referrer's behalf if instructed to do so.

The viewing software can be a very useful tool to demonstrate the treatment to patients.


  • To understand the different applications of CBCT scans in dentistry 
  • To see how a CBCT scanner works and the range of views possible
  • To see examples of scans in relation to endo, perio and implants
  • To learn the functions of the viewing software


  • Learners should have an understanding of CBCT technology and its applications in dentistry
  • Should know the referral criteria and options and views possible
  • Should be able to use the viewing software and manipulate the images
  • Should be able to trace the ID nerve and nerve canals
  • Should know how to take measurements of bone and nerve canals
  • Should be able to place virtual implants in order to aid treatment planning

60 Minutes Free Verifiable CPD

Dr Khatib provides this free training in a one-to-one or small group setting.

The training takes place at Glumangate Dental Practice on an evening and is tailored to the participant's specific requirements.

It is arranged directly at a mutually convenient date and time.

Contact the practice by phone or email if you wish to arrange this.