CBCT Scans for Dental Implants

Sectional scans can be taken for an area where an implant or multiple implants are to be placed, or whole jaw scan for complex cases such as all-on-4. We can also take sinus views for zygomatic arch implant cases.


Implant Systems

Most implant systems can be downloaded into the software. This allows a virtual implant of the exact dimensions to be inserted into the scan to help with the choice of implant size to use, and to check it will fit in the space.


Patient Demonstration Tool

With the viewing software, you are able to show the patient exactly where the implant will go and how it will fit. Additionally, if a bone graft is required, this can be shown to the patient to clearly demonstrate why this is needed.


ID Nerve and Mental Foramen

The ID nerve can be seen and traced in three-dimensions, and an exact measurement can then be taken from crestal bone to the ID canal and mental foramen to determine the exact height of available bone for implant placement.


Maxillary Sinuses

An exact measurement can be taken of available bone for implant placement in the upper posterior region. The measurement can be taken to ensure enough height and width of bone.